So, the other night I had friends over for game night, and we played Pictionary (amongst other games).

Try to guess what Violet drew.

Did you guess it yet? Wait, there’s more.

That, my friend, is a pizza.


A friggin’ PIZZA.

oh, the lovely farm

Fifteen years ago, my parents brought me to my Aunt’s farm. Markl and I loved it there so much my mum decided that we could stay on the farm with my Aunt Kaija and her family for the remaining summer.

How delighted we were!

My Aunt Kaija is a very kind woman, but also very strict. There were a lot of rules we had to follow. Most of them we ignored.

On the farm, there was also my older cousin Anastasia who I thought was the coolest person I have ever met. At the time, I looked up to her and copied everything she did.
She showed Markl and me how to make a slingshot.
She also told me that shooting cows were really fun!!! I tried it out immediately.
The cows were so sad and I was so, so happy.
Until Aunt Kaija saw what I was doing. She didn’t hesitate when she brought out that wooden spoon.
While I was being punished, I looked up with my tear streaked face…And saw this cat just staring at me. Watching me with a face that told me it was enjoying every moment of my suffering.

The next many times I was punished, there it would be.

Watching. Always watching.
And watching.I don’t think I have ever seen a cat smirk like that one before.

A while ago, I went to visit my family at the farm again and…



My Week With Legolas (The Polar Bear)

Violet was away for the week and she left her polar bear in my care.


I took him to my condo, and he did not like it there at all. He was very restless.



And at night, while I was happily sleeping….ImageImage
HE WOULD COME ONTO MY BED AND SLEEP ON ME. HE IS HUGE! THIS IS NOT FUN FOR ME. I cannot breathe when there is a giant polar bear dog on me.

Mind you, dear Legolas is a very sweet and obedient dog. But for some reason, while Violet was gone and while he was with me, he would not listen to me at all. I tried to get him to sleep in his own bed, but it did not happen.


So I had to change strategies, as two winks of sleep have been taken away by this giant canine. I decided to move in to Violet’s place until she comes home.

Unfortunately, her bed is so very small, I barely fit in it, but at least I got my good night’s rest.


Until she decided to come home a few hours earlier than expected. And by “a few hours earlier,” I mean in the middle of the night.

She came home and decided to squeeze herself into what little space there was left on her bed.


The next time I woke up,


I was on the floor.


Long story short: I nearly died from a door.

So frazzled.

As tall as a Giraffe

Violet took me to a take-someone-the-group-does-not-know party, and the host was given a piece of paper with a “New to the group” person’s name and a description of what they look like. The host had to guess which name belonged to whom.

This was Violet’s description of me:

She said I was, “As tall as a giraffe.”

Which was very  nice. I quite like giraffes.

The rest of the descriptions went like this: “Brown and fluffy hair…”

“Curly eyelashes…” (I do not— !!!)

and finally, “Brownish, greenish, poo coloured eyes.”

My eyes are NOT poo coloured!!! They’re not! My eyes are hazel!

Poo Coloured?!


Hazel eyes are NOT stinky poopy eyes!!!

how long has it been?

Five months? What a long hiatus I’ve had. I should have saved that pneumonia excuse for today.

I’m so out of touch with my blog, I forgot how to draw. Now everything is going to look different.

That’ll be me for now. Since it’s winter, I might as well show you what a good Christmas elf I make. Yes, I have a green jacket. Yes, I wear a candy cane hat that looks suspiciously like it was stolen from Waldo. And yes, that is an authentic Gryffindor scarf.

The thing beside me… well,

Yes, he was named after the elf from Lord of the rings.

Legolas belongs to Violet. (Not the elf. The elf belongs to Tolkien, but the dog is Violet’s.)

We think he is actually a polar bear in disguise of a dog who was sent away from his family because he was smaller compared to the other polar bears. His mom thought he would survive better in human society.

He has developed a very strange habit of sitting on people.

He thinks he is a small dog.


The Revenge

Violet is a bug lover. She has been a bug lover ever since she was a little child.

Example: Violet at Age 2.
She found a peculiar looking insect and decided to show it to me.

As you can see, she was very pleased with herself.

I, however, was not very impressed.

I ate it.
That’ll show her!

After that, she looked like she was about to cry.
But she was a good little girl and she sucked it up.Until I pushed her.

Then, she cried.
That day, I felt a great surge of new malicious satisfaction.
Now, I sort of feel a lot of regret because sometimes, I would be peacefully reading a nice book on a chair…


There’s a bug on my head!!!

Story of my life.

not my drawing.

what is going on over here?

Thank you for asking! There is a lot going on over here.

Markl is mapping the stars on his bedroom ceiling.

And I am exhausted because I am moving!

The move has been hard on me mostly because I feel like a kleptomaniac towards my brothers’ precious objects. More on that later too, maybe.

I’m a bit nervous because I am moving somewhere very far where I will not be able to see my brothers anymore unless I know how to fly an airplane. (No, I am not going to prison) I will be living all by  myself, except maybe (and hopefully) frequent visits from Violet and Bryce.

So as you may not know, I am still alive. I will get back to this once I’ve settled down in my new home (again, not prison).

I return with a Vengeance!

I never knew I could ever hate something more than Markl, but pneumonia proved itself to be a worthy rival.

While I was sick in bed for most of the past two weeks…

I had a lot of time to think about what I can post next on my blog.

The only problem is that I did not use that time to think about what I can post next on my blog. Instead, I just stayed in bed like a dead person.

At that time, my misfortune does not just end at having pneumonia and Markl as a brother. Not only do I have to put up with pneumonia, I had to endure snide comments coming from the helpful people around me.

For example, big brother Phil, the doctor, who is supposed to be the nice brother was kind enough to constantly remind me (with a serious face and his arms crossed) that …

(Thank you, Phil. Your encouragement is very much appreciated.)

And my ridiculous friends could not help but point out that I look like this Japanese-Spanish famous person. Let me just point out to you that I do NOT look like this:

I look more like THIS:

again… NOT:

So, after two weeks, the only person who was actually nice to me was, surprisingly, Markl.

He gave me a box of candy.

Seeing that I have not died yet, the candy is actually not poisonous and Markl actually bought me a box of candy as a nice gesture with no murderous intentions what-so-ever.

Now, the only thing that ails me is just a little bit of pneumonia and a serious case of arrogantism. But I’ve always had that.